About Us

Touchard Marine Supply & Net Co., Inc. is a family business that was established in 1977. My father, Roy Touchard, who had been a commercial shrimper his entire life opened what was then named Roy’s Net Shop. Our primary business at that time was building and repairing shrimp trawls for the shrimp industry along the Louisiana Gulf Coast. We have gone through many changes since that time and have much more to offer our customers.

As well as being a full service net shop for the shrimp industry, we also offer a full line of marine supplies to both the commercial and recreational boating industries. We maintain the largest inventory of marine accessories in the Acadiana area. We are capable of serving many types of boaters including light industrial, commercial fishermen and all sizes and types of recreational boaters.

We custom build Sports Netting such as baseball batting cages, foul ball nets, back stops, protective screens and practice nets. We can manufacture custom boundary nets for golf and large ball sports as well. Some other examples of specialty netting are safety nets for warehouses, pallet racks and conveyors, bird netting, playground netting and much more.